Magnifying HeadBand LED Light Neuro ENT Dental Loupes

Portable Led Head Light High Quality HeadBand Dental loupes 2x , 2.5x , 3.5x , 4.5x, 5.5x Prismatic Magnifying Glasses Lenses Surgical Dental Loupes Head Light Dental Binocular Loupes with HeadBand – 420mm with i-Veiw Heine , Keeler , Carl Zeiss type Distance adjustable options : 320 mm, 420 mm , 450 mm, 460 mm , 480 mm, 500 mm, 520 mm , 540mm , 560 mm 34cm , 42cm, 46cm, 50cm – Working Distance Magnify Glasses Working Distances 420mm LED Lamp Portable Loupes Surgical Medical CE Proved Dental Equipment With Power Bank. For Doctors, Surgeans, Laboratory, FUE Hair Transplant, ENT, Neuro, Dermatologists, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Hospitals, Beauty Clinics, Physio Therapists, Salons, Spas, Parlours, Engineers etc Product Description: Features: Magnification: 2.5X, 3.5X High resolution optics lens, image is clear. Long working distance, large and clear field of view, superior depth of view. Adjust the interpupillary distance, and adjust the angular viewing. Anti-glare, anti-fog,and scratch-resistance. Technicals: Specification for loupes, Magnification working Distance, Field of view, Depth of view, 2.5x 320-450mm 110mm 90mm 3.5x 300-420mm90mm80mm ****** Seller : NIW Surgicals New India Works- Mumbai Along supplying in India, we are also exporting to USA, UK, Europe, Countries like Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Albania, Poland, Turkey, France, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Thailand, Korea, Colombia, Sri Lanka and few more countries.



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